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Culture Change Strategist, Grounded Power

Organizational psychologist, and researcher, Balpreet Kaur noticed a conundrum early on in her life: behind every human endeavor lies dreams, passions, effort, and history; yet humanity is capable of the darkest of violence against life itself. Balpreet Kaur’s work with institutions and teams focuses on systemic transformation and behavior change, driven by an ever-alluring question posed to her by this paradox: what does it take to root out inequities and create healthy and whole organizations that value people rather than exploit them?

Balpreet’s background is eclectic and intersectional, giving her the skills to adopt a systems-level approach to organizational change and development while enabling her to hold tightly to a human-centric perspective that centers the needs of people in building institutional infrastructure. Within any client and partner, she adopts an intrinsic role as a developer, builder, facilitator, and researcher: guiding teams towards creative ideas, enabling cohesive team structures and processes, and designing opportunities for teams to challenge the status quo.

​A lifelong learner, she graduated with a Master of Science in applied psychology from the University of Southern California as well as two bachelor’s degrees in international development and neuroscience from the Ohio State University. She is the happiest when she is creating something that did not exist before: be it a poem, a piece of art, community spaces, connections, or ideas.

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