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Our new competencies for racially just leaders outline what racially just leadership looks like in action. They offer a pathway for you to grow into the leader you desire to be.


Our Leading with Racial Justice training is rooted in our competencies for racially just leaders. This immersive training equips change makers with the skills and practices necessary to lead with racial justice at the core. This powerful training is an experience! We go beyond the usual sharing of information and instead invite participants to engage fully in restorative practices, deep inquiry, and communal transformation.

This training is unique due to its focus on helping individual change agents develop the competencies necessary to truly advance racial justice in their work and communities. It is far too common for racial justice trainings to focus primarily on increasing participants' understand why and how racial injustice persists, with very little attention paid to what to do to advance change. Understanding this dilemma, we've designed a training especially for individuals who already have a deep understanding of systemic oppression and instead are looking for ways to cultivate sustained change.


  • Deepen your awareness of your personal self-interests and commitments to racial equity. 

  • Unpack and examine your relationship to power, fear, courage and justice.

  • Deepen your awareness of how systemic oppression operates to perpetuate injustice.

  • Identify and clarify your role and responsibility for advancing racial justice.

  • Learn practices to stay grounded under pressure and resilient in the face of opposition.

  • Learn strategies to identify and advance change at all levels.


We offer this training in three flexible formats:

  • Full day, in-person training

  • Two half-day in-person trainings 

  • three-part virtual or in-person training experience.


This immersive training session is optimal for groups up to 24 participants.

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