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Liberated Black Leaders Academy

An immersive five month cohort designed to help Black freedom fighters experience greater freedom and power within.

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The Liberated Black Leaders Academy is designed to take Black activists toward an embodied experience of freedom. Our goal is to help Black changemakers cultivate better overall wellness and resilience, an increased ability to ground in their truth and power, greater clarity and discernment, and more impact in their pursuits.


The Liberated Black Leaders Academy is for Black leaders who are in roles that require them to show up in emotionally and politically complicated situations in ways to advance the work forward. Specifically, it is for Black activists, advocates and service providers for marginalized communities (e.g. returning citizens, folks experiencing homelessness and abject poverty, etc.), community engaged clergy, and educators working with students from disadvantaged communities. 


The Liberated Black Leaders Academy will consist of one three-night off-site retreat at the Hope Springs Institute in Peebles, OH, one full-day in-person retreat in Cincinnati, and three, two-hour virtual skills sessions. You will also receive individual and small group coaching and engagement.  During this immersive five month journey we will harness the power of somatic (soma: body), mindfulness, and dialogic practices alongside traditional adult learning techniques to create a truly unique and transformative experience.

Virtual Orientation: March 1, 2023 from 7pm - 8:30pm ET

Retreat (Hope Springs Institute): March 8 - 11, 2023 

Virtual Skills Sessions: April 6th, May 11th and June 8th from 1pm - 3pm ET 

​Closing In-person Retreat/Ceremony: July 13 from 10am - 4pm ET


  • Join a cohort of other Black activists and change agents working to build a beloved community.

  • Receive coaching and guidance from experienced, award winning activists skilled in the art of sustainable activism. 

  • Learn how to harness the power of prophetic imagination to expand possibilities for how we create change.

  • Integrate personal and collective transformation for enhanced wellbeing and impact.

  • Increase your capacity to stay grounded under pressure and move toward value embodiment.

  • Practice shifting from a reactive stance toward a power stance.

  • Increase your ability to operate out of greater choice and agency in your leadership and work and to override adaptive strategies and reactivity.


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Robin Wright-Pierce

Chief Transformation Strategist

Robin is a coach and facilitator of personal and collective liberation with deep experience advancing racial justice and social change.


Rev. Nelson Pierce Jr.

Chief Power Building Strategist

Rev. Pierce is a community organizer and pastor committed to creating a beloved community. He is an award winning activist with more than twenty years of experience.


Tanisha Pleasanty.jfif

Tanisha Pleasant

Social change strategist, equity leader, well being champion,  coach, facilitator


Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou

Activist, theologian, author, documentary filmmaker, and blues/soul/gospel musician

Quanita Roberson.jfif

Quanita Roberson

Author, shaman, coach, consultant, spiritual guide, and motivational speaker


Check that you meet all of the requirements.

  • Are you a Black activist or changemaker?

  • Are you available for the entirety of each of the scheduled dates?

Tell us a bit about you.

Complete the application form to share your interest in the academy.

The application deadline is February 3, 2023!

Sit down with us (virtually)

Join us for a 1-1 interview to aid our discernment process.

Interviews will take place between January 30th and February 10th.

Pay the Tuition

Thanks to generous support from The United Way of Greater Cincinnati we are able to offer the academy at a great affordable rate! 

Standard Rate: $500

Self-Pay Rate: $250

*Payment plans available


Check all dates/times that you are available for.
Do you identify as Black?

Thanks for applying to the Liberated Black Leaders Academy. We have received your application and will contact you in late January with next steps.

Special thank you to the United Way of Greater Cincinnati for funding support from the Black Empowerment Works grant program.

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