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Our organizing training academy provides a set of skills for effectively engaging community members and building community power to effect social change. 


Our Organizing Training Academy is designed to help new and existing organizers build community power to effect social change. This multi-week journey engages participants in both the art and science of organizing. It invites organizers to grapple with and navigate their own relationship to power, fear, courage and community while also equipping them with the technical skills needed to strengthen their approach and the potential outcomes for the communities in which they live and work. They will also develop a shared understanding of the biggest challenges to effective community engagement and how to overcome these challenges.


Our immersive training academy is more than a one-off training or experience; it is a multiweek journey equipped with immersive retreats, coaching support and a series of group sessions. Organizers are invited into a journey of both personal transformation and skill building. Our unique academy helps organizers live into the best versions of themselves, optimize their impact through intentional strategic action, deepen accountability, and cultivate a sustainable approach to community power building.

Our academy is best suited for coalitions and organizations seeking to deepen their capacity and success with community engagement and power building. It is also great for foundations who fund organizing efforts and want to ensure grantees are supported and equipped for success.

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