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Leading with an abundance mindset means believing success in inevitable

It is critical when pursuing positive organizational and social change to engage with an abundance mindset that anchors your journey in the belief that success is possible. I was reminded of just how important this pillar of change is during my reading and meditation time this morning.

I often anchor my meditation time in readings from an array of devotionals and from Iyanla Vanzant's book Acts of Faith: Daily Meditations for People of Color. Vanzant's April 14th meditation possessed great wisdom regarding the importance of living and leading with an abundance mindset that believes that success is inevitable. She writes:

The truth is that we start from a position of success. No matter what happens, no matter what the appearance, we are always successful. The truth is that we have lessons to learn through our experiences. What appears as a failure is simply a stepping-stone to realizing success. The truth is that we can do anything we focus our mind to do. What looks like failure teaches us what not to do, what does not work. It sends us back to the drawing board. It forces us to refocus, and redo. All circumstances in the physical world are subject to change. The truth, however, is consistent. It never changes. The truth is that, as long as we are breathing, we are one with God. God never fails. Our job is to act like we know.

This powerful meditation invites us into a posture of abundance; a posture of believing success in evitable no matter how complex the challenges we're facing. It invites us to pursue personal and collective liberation and justice with a learners mindset that welcomes missteps as positive data sources, not indictments of our abilities nor negative indications of our ability to succeed. It invites us to shed the deficit mentality which says we are not enough and we don't have enough.

This powerful affirmation is an invitation to reject the zero sum mental model that says our potential is limited by the finite nature of our capital or that a few people have a monopoly on greatness. It invites us to open ourselves up to the truth that we have everything we need within and among us to reach our potential. It invites us to open ourselves to the truth that we can and we will build a society rooted in love and justice.

With an abundance mindset, we can learn to live and lead with fearlessness, compassion and wisdom.

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